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PCAB, a service of ACHC International, is the first healthcare quality standards organization to offer a certification program for Canadian pharmacies that provide non-sterile and sterile compounding services.


The PCAB Certification Program for Canadian Compounding assesses the non-sterile and sterile pharmacy compounding process as defined by a specific set of standards that concentrate on the quality and consistency of medications produced. As the demand for compounded medications has increased, the Canadian pharmaceutical profession recognized a need for a system of standards by which each compounding pharmacy can measure its quality processes. Compounding pharmacists also wanted a mechanism to allow them to know that they are producing a high quality compound, and in doing so, providing the best quality to their patients.


PCAB Certification provides patients, prescribers, and payors a way to select a pharmacy that has been evaluated against quality standards, including those published by USP.

PCAB Certifies the following compounding services:

Non-Sterile Compounding (NSTR):

Non-Sterile Compounding is a process by which a Pharmacist prepares drugs by combining, mixing, or altering ingredients into a pharmaceutical preparation. These preparations are designed to be administered by a route of administration that does not require sterility as result of a practitioner’s prescription drug order. Compounding includes the preparation of drugs in anticipation of receiving prescription drug orders based on routine, regularly-observed prescribing patterns.


Sterile Compounding (STR):

Sterile Compounding is the practice of preparing custom medications for patients in a sterile environment to prevent contamination and maintain patient safety. PCAB Certification for sterile compounding involves measuring a specific set of process standards that concentrate on the quality and consistency of medications that are produced.

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