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Follow the steps below to begin the Certification Process:

Get Started

1) Download Standards

2) Start Application

3) Preliminary Evidence Report (PER) Checklist

STEP 1 Download Standards

PCAB Certification Standards are written by industry professionals that have extensive experience in the areas of non-sterile and sterile compounding, resulting in relevant and realistic requirements. Compliant with the industry’s highest standards, including USP <795> and <797>, PCAB Certification Standards concentrate on the quality and consistency of compounded medications.


To get started, download the PCAB Certification Standards below.


STEP 2 Complete Application

Complete the brief online application below to help PCAB understand the day-to-day operations of your pharmacy. The application requires basic information about the medications that are compounded at your facility.


Once the application is submitted, a dedicated Account Advisor will contact you directly with information on the next steps in the process.


STEP 3 PER Checklist

The Preliminary Evidence Report (PER) Checklist is an essential tool that allows pharmacies to provide initial documentation prior to the on-site survey. The form also provides an attestation that signifies the pharmacy’s survey readiness. The PER Checklist must be submitted to PCAB before the on-site survey can be scheduled.


Your dedicated Account Advisor will contact you when this step should be completed.


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